Accredited testing laboratories



Laboratory for Testing of Construction Materials





Company for gold analyzing and other precious metals
Withdrawn accreditation certificate on 25.12.2014





Withdrawn accreditation certificate 08.01.2015

LT- 045 University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje

Laboratory for testing of mechanical properties, machines and vehicles

LT - 046 University of Tetovа, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Лабораторија за испитување и контрола на градежни материјали


LT – 047 D.P.P. Kadino Industry Group DOOEL Import-Export

Laboratory Kadino Industry Group DOOEL v. Kadino Ilinden

Withdrawn accreditation certificate 01.12.2016

 LT - 048 Rade Koncar - Service and repairs of electrical products, LLC Skopje

Test laboratory for high voltage equipment
Withdrawn accreditation certificate 31.05.2018

LT – 050 University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food
Laboratory for testing animal feeding stuffs, L-01
Laboratory for testing milk and dairy product, L-02
Laboratory for testing quality of seeds from agricultural plants, L-03
Laboratory for soil and fertilizers analysis, L-04
Laboratory for tobacco and tobacco products, L-05

LT - 051 Pelagonia razvoj 2009 DOOEL Mogila

Laboratory for quality control of seed crops


LT - 052 University “Goce Delcev”- Shtip

Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences,
Field laboratory for living and working environment and electron microscopy


LT - 052 EKO KONTROL DOO Ohrid, Brunch EKO LAB Prilep

Laboratory for environmental monitoring


LT – 054 Company for production, trade and services Mak Mlin Doo import-export Cheshinovo

Laboratory for testing of cereals, rice and flour Mak Mlin

Withdrawn  accreditation certificate 30.08.2017

LT – 055 ADING AD Skopje – Central Laboratory Ading

Testing of construction products, materials and structures


LT - 060 DPTU „Buchim” DOO engineering

Laboratory for testing of ores, water and lime