The Fourth International Conference “Quality and Competence 2019”


The International Conference "Quality and Competence 2019" was held in hotel Sileks, Ohrid, organized by the Macedonian Association of Laboratories and Inspection Bodies (MAKLAB) from 03 to 05 October 2019 where the Institut of Acreditation of the Republic of North Macedonia participated.




The conference, which was organized for the fourth time in the country, as expected, caused wide interest among the stakeholders, primarily laboratories and inspection bodies, but also among the state institutions and other stakeholders of quality infrastructure in the country and in the region.




The event was officially opened by MSc. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska - President of MAKLAB, and also their own plenary addresses on the event had Dragan Velevski who delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the IARSM and Mr. Davor Zvizhidic - President of the Croatian Association of Laboratories KROLAB.


The themes of the Conference, this year were:

-          National and European legal framework for quality assurance

-          Basic principles and development trends at laboratories for testing and calibration and inspection bodies, how much we are using the modern technologies

-          Accreditation for ensuring quality

-          Quality as laboratory profile - Challenges and solutions

-          Testing and control of the environment, industry and agriculture

-          The role of the laboratories in economy


Among others, the scientific work of authors  Dragan Velevski, Msc Sandra Kosteska and Natasha Nestorovska Spasovska was presented, and the theme was “The role of Accreditation in Economic Development”.

The panel discussion on "Transition of the new standard MKC EN ISO 17025: 2018" was of particular interest, where the panelists were Sandra Kosteska from IARNM, Aleksandar Nikolovski, employee of PE “Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise” - Skopje Centre for sanitary control, who spoke about their experiences from the process of the transition in MKC EN ISO 17025: 2018 in the laboratory of PE “Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise” - Skopje Centre for sanitary control and prof. Dr. Trpe Ristoski, IARNM assessor who spoke of the assessors' main findings during the transition to the new standard.




The purpose of the Conference is to provide a contribution to the development and improvement of the quality and competence of laboratories and inspection bodies, laboratory practice and exchange of experiences between laboratories, inspection bodies and institutions in the region and beyond and certainly to improve the overall quality of life.