III International Conference "Quality and Competence 2017"

The Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM) and the Macedonian Association of Laboratories and Inspection Bodies MAKLAB organize the third International Conference "Quality and Competence 2017".
The Annual Conference covers the following thematic objectives:
1. The impotancce of accreditation for monitoring the European guidelines for quality assurance and their compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Macedonia
2. Practical experiences from the implementation of quality systems in laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies
3. Examination, quality control and monitoring of life and work environment conditions
4. Examination of the quality and safety of food
5. Application of quality systems in construction.
The organizational goal of the event is the development and improvement of the quality and competence of laboratories and inspection bodies by presenting themes relevant to laboratory practice and sharing experiences between laboratories, inspection bodies and institutions in the region and beyond, which will have effective repercussions in strengthening the national Quality infrastructure.


Also, within the event, the IARM organizes the holding of the regular Regional Meeting of the Accreditation Bodies. The meeting is organized on the basis of the Agreements for bilateral cooperation of the national accreditation bodies from the region. The round table is organized as a separate thematic unit of the Conference,where issues related to the mutual cooperation of the national accreditation bodies will be discussed.


The Conference "Quality and Competence 2017" will be held from 14-16 September 2017, in Hotel Sileks, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.


The interested persons can participate at the Conference with presentation of papers in their area.


On this occasion, we invite you to take part in the Conference, and more detailed information about the organization is given in the Invitation and the Application for participation, available on the IARM's website and the website of MAKLAB: www.maklab.org.com