Training for the IARM staff on topic: “Implementation of the standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011 in the IARM”

According to the Annual Training Plan of the IARM for 2016/2017, during the period from 07th to 09th February, 2017, a regular staff training was held in Krusevo on the following topic: “Implementation of the standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011 in the IARM.”
The training was organized as a regular team-building to strengthen the capacities of the IARM employees, with a focus on substantive issues and questions regarding the current operation of the IARM and further work and development directions through an interactive discussion by lecturers and participants – the IARM staff.
The primary aim of the training was capacity building of the staff in accordance with the requirements of the Standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011, its practical application in corelation with the work procedures of the IARM in the implementation of the accreditation procedures, the possible need for their addition or modification, as well as exchange of the acquired experiences and opinions, which was achieved through an appropriate presentations and discussions.
Within the requirements of the Standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011 as a separate topic was treated commencement of preparations for the upcoming second surveillance visit after signing the EA MLA Agreement and the planned extension of the scope for management systems.
Also, during the training, a special attention was given to issues of “Harmonization of the leading assessors in the IARM" in order to achieve a higher degree of compliance in carrying out accreditation procedures, and other issues related to the current operations.
The event was rounded off by summarizing the work achievements and development goals of the IARM and determining the future development directions and work activities.
The ultimate goal of the training was through the realized program to raise the level of competence of the participants, the information and preparation for the upcoming activities of the IARM that are essential for the maintenance and development of accreditation activities both at the national and international levels.
At the end of the training participants were awarded appropriate Certificates of attendance.