Project of the IARM for cooperation with the public sector

Dear all,
According to the Annual Work Programme of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM) for 2016, in the period September / October 2016 the IARM will organize the planned Project to intensify the cooperation with the public sector institutions of the Republic of Macedonia.
Namely, the IARM as the only national accreditation body, in addition to its core business - accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, on the social field of mutual interest acts also by: organizing meetings / workshops / trainings with direct and indirect beneficiaries of the IARM.
Hence, within the planned project, for participation in the thematic roundtables are invited representatives / employees in the public sector that encounter the accreditation in the working process.
The thematic objectives of these events will be in direction of issues analysis of the correct approach, treatment and assessment of the accreditation importance in terms of the activities performance, powers of the public sector, especially the work of the inspection services, and other state bodies that in their work apply regulations where accreditation is prescribed as a mandatory condition for obtaining certain authorizations for work in the so called regulated area and in the unregulated area in which accreditation is performed on a voluntary request of the service uses.
The primary objective is the proper implementation of national legislation concerning the requirements for accreditation, as well as proper use of the benefits of accreditation.
The expected outcome is to provide a smooth functioning of the link of route: Economy - executive authority bodies and to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the operation of the public services.
The realization of the project coincides with the annual motto of the international accreditation organizations ILAC and IAF, which marked the World Day of Accreditation: Accreditation - supporting the public sector opertaion. This global motto emphasizes the role that accreditation plays in the field of design and implementation of policies of management, operation and provision of services in the public sector.
The event is entirely organized by the IARM and will be held at the official headquarters of the Institute, Kej Dimitar Vlahov No. 4, Building 2, floor 3, according to the established schedule and program participation.