II-nd International Conference of “Quality and Competence 2015”


The Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM) in cooperation with the Macedonian Association of Laboratories and Inspection bodies (MAKLAB), organized the Second International Conference on the topic “Quality and Competence 2015” that took place from 17th to 19th September 2015, in hotel Metropol, Ohrid.



The Conference, which is held for the second time in our country, caused wide interest among the interested subjects, mainly the laboratories and the inspection bodies, but also among the State Institutions and other subjects – creators of the National Quality Infrastructure.
The event was officially open by the deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning in the Government of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Temelkovski.
Also, their own plenary address had Ph.D.Trpe Ristoski – IARM’s Director, M.Sc.Magdalena Trajkovska-Trpevska-MAKLAB’sPresident and Mr.Davor Zvidzdic- president of the Croatian Laboratories Association, CROLAB.
The agenda items for the Conference, were:
-The role and meaning of accreditation, European quality assuranceguidelines and their implementation in the home legislation,
- Experiences of quality system implementations,
The role of the laboratories for food’s quality and safety evaluation,
- Examining and control of life and work environment,
Evoked the interest of numerous local and international authors, so overall 35 topics were presented on the Conference in front of around 120 participants.
The aim of the Conference was to provide development and improvement of the laboratories and inspection bodies’ quality and competence, laboratory practice and experience exchange among the laboratories, inspection bodies and institutions from the region and beyond and of course improvement of the overall quality of living.
Within the event, IARM hosted the regular Regional Meeting of the Accreditation Bodies. The meeting is held regularly, in line with the Agreements for Bilateral Cooperation of the National Accreditation Bodies from the region and beyond (Serbia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia).