IARM signatory of the EA-MLA and ILAC-MRA Agreement for mutual recognition of Medical laboratories results


During the period from 10 - 14th of March and 1 - 3rd of July 2014, the EA MLA team of evaluators conducted a regular evaluation of the IARM accreditation procedures for already signed areas testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, certification of products and inspection. Upon a previous request by the IARM for extension of the scope of the EA MLA Agreement for mutual recognition of the accreditation activities results, this evaluation also included an evaluation of the area accreditation of medical laboratories in accordance with the standard ISO 15189 standard. In addition to the lead evaluator, the evaluation team included evaluators for each of the five areas subject to the evaluation.
After reviewing the documentation in the offices of IARM and on site witnessing on IARM assessors at proper locations, the EA MLA team perceived the entire IARM operation regarding the accreditation activities. The visit finished with positive recommendation of the EA MLA team for maintenance of the signed agreement for areas:
- Testing laboratories,
- Calibration laboratories,
- Certification of products,
- Inspection bodies, and
- extension of the scope for the area of Medical laboratories.


As a result, IARM formally signed the EA MLA and ILAC MRA Agreements for mutual recognition of medical laboratories results within the 35th General Assembly of European Co-operation for Accreditation, held in Athens, Greece on 27-28 May 2015.