Inspection bodies

Accreditation Certificate No.

Accredited Body

import-export s. Kuceviste Cucer-Sandevo
SUPER AUTO KONTROL Center for vehicles
Aleksandar Urdarevski Str. NN
(Way to Mirkovci)
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Short description of the scope
Single vehicle approval (categories L, M, N, O, T, R, S, C)
Approval of altered vehicles:
- with added LPG unit in the vehicle,
- which are additionally fitted with protective foils- tinted windows or colored glasses
- with built in mechanical coupling devices of motor vehicles and their trailers (coupling balls)
Approval of altered vehicles of categories M, N which has changed previously built engine of a different kind or type, or an engine that has other characteristics (power, volume, or environmental parameters, etc)

Inspection in determining and imprinting of the identification markings on vehicles (vehicle identification number and engine number)
First accreditation
23.07. 2014
Certificate valid until
22.07. 2022