Training on the Standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011

According to the Annual Training Plan for 2014 of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic Macedonia (IARM) and the requirements of the standard MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011, on 28th February, 2014, IARM held a regular internal training for the employees entitled “Implementation of the MKC EN ISO/IEC 17011 standard in the quality management system of IARM”.


Lecturers on the training were: Trpe Ristoski, Director of IARM and Dragan Velevski, Quality Manager.


The purpose of the training was to determine the further development directions and priorities in the work of IARM and coordination of the employees, as lead assessors in the accreditation procedures, through retrospective analysis of the previous application of the standard and its correlation with the quality management system of IARM, as well as through exchange of experiences and opinions.


At the same time, the training was designed to strengthen the capacity of IARM in the anticipation of the upcoming first assessment of EA-MLA team, after the signing of the EA-MLA agreement and the planned extension of the scope of IARM within it.


The main goal of the training was to raise the general level of competence of the employees in IARM.