Training organized on the Standard MKS EN ISO/IEC 17011


Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia organized an internal training for Standard MKS IN ISO/IEC 17011, from 7th -9th November 2012, in Ohrid.
Trainers during the training were the employees of the IARM, whereas the purpose of the training was advancement of the capacities of the employees in accordance with the requirements of the Standard, its practical application in correlation with the work procedures of the IARM in implementation of the accreditation procedures, the potential need for enhancement or amendment thereof as well as exchange of acquired experiences and views, in turn delivered through appropriate presentations and discussions.
Within the requirements of the Standard, the preparation of the employees in the IARM for the upcoming first regular assessment for EA-MLA (October 2013), was addressed in a separate session. In that respect, the findings have been reconsidered as well as the undertaken corrective actions and comments of the team performing during the peer evaluation for the signing of the EA-MLA.
Similarly, in the course of the training, particular focus was placed on the final Report on the implementation of the IPA-National project 2008, with particular focus on the enclosed recommendations, comments and suggestions by the experts’ team.  
The training was concluded by the presentation of the Report on the performed Internal audit of the IARM for 2012, and within the discussion, in relation to the submitted remarks and nonconformities, guidelines and recommendations were identified for their elimination. 
The aim of the training was through the implemented program to raise the level of competency of the participants, the level of information and readiness for the upcoming activities of the IARM of essential importance for the maintenance and development of the accreditation activity on a national as well as international level.
The participants were awarded Certificates for attendance.