Celebration of the World Accreditation Day

Under the motto “Supporting safe foods and clear drinking water”, on the 13th June 2012, at the Hotel Alexandar Palas, the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia celebrated the World Accreditation Day.
The event was attended by numerous guests such as representatives from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Economy, the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia, the chairman of the Multilateral Agreements Committee of the European cooperation for Accreditation, (EA-MAC), representatives from the Accreditation Body of Serbia, associates and representatives from the conformity assessment bodies and journalists.
The audience was addressed by the following panelists:
-  Mr. Lukas Melka, representative of the EU Delegation in the RM,
-  Mr. Anche Trifunov, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy,
-  Mr. Thomas Faklam, Chairman of the EA-MAC,
-  Ms. Irena Vasaitiene, Team Leader of the IPA 2008 Project,
- Ms. Magdalena Trajkovska - Trpevska, Chairwoman of the Macedonian Association of Laboratories MAK-LAB and
- Mr. Trpe Ristoski, Director of the IARM.
Also, during this event the official awarding of the signed Multilateral agreement Certificate with the EA by the Chairman of the Multilateral Agreements Committee of the European cooperation for Accreditation, Mr. Thomas Faklam to the Director of the IARM Dr. Trpe Ristoski. Similarly, this official promotion of the signing of the Agreement was accompanied with the announcement of the signing of the Agreement for the Multilateral Recognition Agreement in the area of testing and calibration with the world organization for accreditation – the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC-MRA).
Correspondingly, the completion of the successfully implemented IPA 2008 Project “Technical Assistance for Capacity Building of the Institute for Accreditation” was also commemorated.

Traditionally, at the event, the accredited and reaccredited conformity assessment bodies for the period June 2011 to May 2012 were awarded their certificates.