Annual meeting of the regional accreditation bodies

On the 23rd February 2012 and in accordance with the Contract on Bilateral Cooperation of national accreditation bodies of the countries in the region (Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro), the Annual Work Meeting took place in Belgrade.
During the meeting, the Work Program for 2012 was defined, pursuant to which the cooperation of the four accreditation bodies shall be carried out.  The following scope of activities was agreed upon as follows: exchange of information related to the activities and documents in the area of accreditation; monitoring the processes for signing of EA-MLA; status of technical regulations; cooperation in the area of development of new accreditation schemes and inter-laboratory comparisons; legal and economic aspects of the accreditation operation.
Similarly, joint organization of seminars and conferences was opted for as well as cross-training of staff and ongoing engagement of assessors and experts.  
The agreement on delivery of activities was aimed towards strengthening of capacities of national accreditation bodies and their harmonization with the requirements of the European co-operation for Accreditation.