New IARM's documents


We inform you that, according to the remarks of the EA team for evaluation of the IARM, in order to signing a Contract for Multilateral Agreement (MLA), there have been several revisions of existing documents and issued two new documents.
Reviewed documents:
  • Regulation on Requirements for Reference to Accreditation and the Use of the Accreditation mark (R05)
  • Regulation on Requirements for Participation on Proficiency Testing and Interlaboratory Comparisons (R06)
  • Regulation on Ensuring Manner of Measurement Traceability in the Republic of Macedonia (Р11)
  • Selection, training and evaluation of Assessors (PR 03-04)
  • Modification of the Requirements for Accreditation (PR 04-01)
  • Assessment Methodology (PR 05-02)
  • Grading of nonconformities (PR 05-06)
New documents:
  • Procedure for extension scope of activities of IARM into the new fields (PR 04-02)
  • Procedure for accreditation of flexible scope (PR 05-09)

The abovementioned documents are available on our website in the Documents menu. The Regulations in the submenu "Documents of the Council of IARM" and the procedures in the submenu "Documents of the Director of IARM".