Training for assessors


On the 20th of December 2011, IARM organized training for assessors on the following topics: the adequacy of the certificate for calibration, the role of assessors in the procedure for assessment, changes in the documents of IARM for the use of accreditation symbol, interlaboratory comparisons and PT schemes, traceability, grading of nonconformities and new procedure for flexible scope.

Lecturers at the training were: Theodora Tashevska – Head of Department for Accreditation of Laboratories for Testing and Calibration, Dragan Velevski – Quality manager of IARM, Natasha Nestorovska-Spasovska - Head of Section for Accreditation of Certification Bodies, MA Danco Pendovski – Head of department for calibration in the Bureau of metrology and Beti Vukovojac –Laboratory stuff in the Bureau of metrology.
The purpose of the training was to inform and to upgrade the participant’s knowledge about recent changes in some IARM’s documents with an aim to apply them when conducting assessments in the accreditation procedures. Special emphasis was given in upgrading the knowledge of the technical assessors, who perform assessments in the inspection and certification bodies and laboratories for testing and calibration, in relation to their evaluations of certificates for calibration for measuring instruments used in this conformity assessment bodies.

Appropriate certificates were given to the participants.