Participation of IARM in the training “Quality Infrastructure for Food Safety”


Under the auspices of SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) and organized by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment), NFA (Swedish National Food Administration) and AQS AB (Anrica Quality Services AB), during March and August 2011 the training on Quality Infrastructure for Food Safety was organized targeting the countries in the Balkan region. The training had international character with the participation of representatives from four countries: Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The training was carried out in three stages. The first, educational stage took place in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden from 7th March until 2nd April 2011 enclosing all components forming the quality infrastructure for food safety. The second stage, carried out in the period between April and August 2011 addressed the preparation of projects by participants in their own countries. The third and final stage included presentation of the projects and following a proposal by all attendees of the training, occurred in Skopje, R. Macedonia, at the hotel “Arka” between 20th and 27th August 2011.

IARM was represented with one attendee of a total of seven participants from the Republic of Macedonia for the purposes of this training. In the course of presenting the projects, the IARM presented its project ”Review of Quality Infrastructure for Food Safety in Republic of Macedonia regarding Accreditation”, and its content was positively evaluated by the training organizers. Among other activities under this particular training, the participants visited the IARM’s Training Center.