Inspection bodies

Accreditation Certificate No.

Accredited Body

ASUC “Boro Petruševski” in city of Skopje - Skopje ASUC – Centre for Vehicle Examination
Edvard Kardelj 26b 1000 Skopje
Short description of the scope
Single vehicle approval (categories L, M, N, О, T, R,S and C)
Approval of altered vehicles:
- with added LPG and CNG unit in the vehicle,
- which are additionally fitted with protective foils
- tinted windows or colored glasses
- with built in mechanical coupling devices of motor vehicles and their trailers (coupling balls)
Inspection of analog and digital tachographs
Identification and еvaluation of technical status of the vehicle (categories L, M, N, О, T, R,S and C) and mobile machines
First accreditation
Certificate valid until