Second Meeting of the Technical Committee for Calibration Laboratories


Distinguished Members,

We inform you that the second meeting of the Technical Committee for Calibration Laboratories will take place on 26.February, 2010 at 12 am, in the premises of IARM, with the following:
1. Adoption of the draft report of the first meeting of the Technical Committee for Calibration Laboratories
2. Considering and approval of same important documents for implementation in the Calibration Laboratories.
3. Other matters.
 You can find the Documents on the web page of IARM, in the section "Accreditation in R. Macedonia – Accreditation of the laboratories for testing and calibration":
- IARM R 11 Regulationon Ensuring Manner of Measurement Traceability in the Republic of Macedonia.
- EA-4/07 (rev.01), Nov 1995 Traceability of measuring and test equipment to national standards
- EA-4/14  (rev.00) Feb 2003) Selection and use of reference materials
- EA-4/16 (rev.00) Dec 2003 EA Guidelines on the expression of uncertainty in quantitative testing
- ILAC-P10:2002 ILAC Policy on traceability of measurement results
- ILAC-G24:2007 Guidelines for the determination of calibration intervals of measuring 
- ILAC-G17:2002 Introducing the Concept of Uncertainty of Measurement in Testing in
  Association with the Application of the Standard ISO/IEC 17025
Kind regards,
President of the Technical Committee,
Bianka Mangutova Stoilkovska, PhD
Bureau of metrology,
bld. Jane Sandanski 109a, Skopje, R.Macedonia
Tel:    +389 (0)2 24 03 676  +389 (0)2 24 03 676   ex.29
fax:  +389 (0)2 24 44 677
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