On the 18 and 19 November 2009, in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, the second working meeting of the accreditation bodies of Southeast Europe was held, organized by the German Institute of Metrology (PTB).
The purpose of the meeting was to promote the regional cooperation in Southeast Europe in the area of infrastructure of quality, on which the joint activities were discussed and further actions elaborated.
The participants to this event were representatives of the accreditation bodies in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
The meeting had the activities split into two components: “Building capacities of national accreditation bodies” and “Creating a common list of assessors for the accreditation bodies in the region”. Within the first component, the following will be organized: training on the accreditation processes as well as training for assessors on accreditation standards as well as on special accreditation requirements such as identifying the uncertainty of measurement in microbiology and sampling the environment, training on the standard for accreditation bodies ISO/IEC 17011 and analysis of traceability, creating database on regional metrological infrastructure as well as training for assessors in that area.