Inspection bodies

Accreditation Certificate No.

Accredited Body

MOTO AMERIT L.T.D. Skopje – Inspection body
1506 Str. No. 22, Momin Potok
1000 Skopje
R. Macedonia
02 3298 967
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Short description of the scope
Inspection of vehicle for Roadworthines (ECMT);
Single vehicle approval in categories L,M,N,O,T,C,R,S;
Inspection of altered and repaired vehicles
Inspection of analog and digital tachographs
Changes to the vehicle which do not mean alteration
Control of vehicles for transport of dangerous goods
Inspection and determining and imprinting the identification on vehicles (chassis and number and engine number)
Inspection on refrigerated equipment for transport of perishable food stuffs
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods (class 3-9)
Identification and evaluation of technical status of the mobile machines in the part that concerns of the dangers that result from their mobility
First accreditation
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